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"We are the finest supplier of natural Himalayan pink salt and products made by Himalayan salt. We are well known for our variety of products and the efficient quality of goods. We export a wide variety of salt, including tasty salt lamps, nutrient-rich rock salt, and salt from animal licks. We are well known for exporting high-nutrient salt, which people use to enrich their homes with attractive salt lamps and provide animals with minerals. branding, trading, exporting and selling pink Himalayan salt, local sea salt, and other crafts such as shot glasses, lamps, cooking and serving salt slabs or plates, salt tiles or blocks for decorative wall panels, and jacuzzi and aromatherapy room construction. Aliya B (Pvt) Ltd has been in the pink Himalayan salt business for the past six years. It is also related to firms that extract high-quality sea salt from lakes and Arabian Sea coastal seas. We produce and sell raw unprocessed and refined sea salt in a variety of grain and mesh sizes, as well as iodized and non-iodized versions with a sodium chloride percentage ranging from 96 to 99%. "


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